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Landlords who use Vuokrahelppi have less stress and more time. Vuokrahelppi is your personal assistant for managing rental properties and tracking rent payments.

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Monitoring of Payments

Vuokrahelppi monitors for you that the rent is paid on time and, if necessary, sends a free payment reminder to the tenant and informs you as well. Best of all, Vuokrahelppi monitors payments directly from your own account without having to cash out on any customer funds accounts.

Late Payment Reminders

Vuokrahelppi can send payment reminders for you. You can also download a PDFs of the rental invoices and reminders. The late payment reminders include an accurate calculation of outstanding rents and expenses.

Calculation of Late Payment Interest

Vuokrahelppi can also calculate the tedious late payment interests automatically and include the interests in the next month's rental invoice to the tenant. You can easily find out that using Vuokrahelppi is not only cheap but can actually make money for you too.

Posting and reporting of expenses

In addition to managing rental properties, you can easily post expenses related to the rental property, such as a new refrigerator. You can also easily post recurring costs to the service, such as monthly maintenance fees. You can always print an accurate income statement that also takes into account the expenses you post. You will also store receipts in the system.

Safe and Easy to Use

Vuokrahelppi has been built on years of experience in the development of banking systems. The service has been used in real rental properties and money transactions for years.

The new version of Vuokrahelppi utilizes open banking interfaces that allow the service to automatically and securely read your bank account transactions into the Vuokrahelppi system. Note that it is not possible to transfer money using the interfaces used by Vuokrahelppi.

Vuokrahelppi allows you to track rentals directly from your own account without having to provide the tenant with a new account number or reference number.

Monitor rent payments easily

You can see the current rent situation at a glance, and at the same time the latest transactions in your bank account*. You can also easily record rent payments manually from account transactions if, for example, the tenant has accidentally paid the rent without a reference number and with the wrong amount. The service can also match payments by name and amount, using the reference number is optional.

By default, the bank authentication is valid for 90 days. You can also disconnect from your bank at any time from the My Profile menu.


Addition of rent payment monitoring

After establishing the bank connection, there is only one task left: Adding the tracked rental receivable to the system. This can be done from the Invoices view. Don't let the term "Invoices" confuse you, if you just want to monitor rent payments without the tenant receiving an invoice by e-mail, that's also easy to do, just choose to turn off invoice sending when creating the invoice. You can also mark the invoice to repeat automatically once a month, which ensures that payment monitoring continues as long as you want. If your tenant has used a reference number to pay rent, you can use the same reference number here, so from the tenant's point of view, nothing changes when paying the rent. The use of the reference number is voluntary, the system can also record payments based on the amount and the tenant's name.


Tenants and rental properties

The service can update both the tenant register and the rental property register automatically, so creating an invoice (whether it is sent or not) is really the only thing you have to do manually in the service.


Posting and archiving of expenses

You can easily record both recurring and non-recurring expenses in the service. When generating a profit / loss report, the service also takes into account the deduction method selected for each expense. The system supports the Tax Administration's requirements for cost deduction. You can also save receipts of the expenses in the system just in case you need them later.


The service works on both computer and mobile

The service works on all common devices and browsers.

About Us

Vuokrahelppi is a service developed by the Finnish company Kajala Group Ltd. (Business ID 2084069-9). We have been developing online services and software for the financial industry since 2006. In addition to IT professionals, our team also includes real estate investment professionals. Kajala Group's customers include PURO Finance Oy, BRANG Oy, GF Money Oy and Finvoicer Group Oy. Kajala Group is best known as the original developer of Sanoma Media's service.

The use of the service is free

We want to help as many landlords as possible to automate rent management.

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  • Invoice sending (optional)
  • Settling invoices with incoming payments
  • Recording expenses
  • Reports
  • Automatic settling of invoices based on transactions
  • Automatic late payment reminder sending
  • Late payment interest calculation
  • Archiving receipts of expenses